Sitting Pretty

Complete Branding solution - From Logo to Branding to Interior

Over the years, Sitting Pretty has grown into an established and respected contender in the wedding industry specialising in Wedding Coordination, Décor Hire and Flower Design.

The client needed to expand to a bigger site and with this came the opportunity to evolve their brand identity – to echo their growth, modern sophistication and personable client approach.

Envision Creative created a strong font-driven logo that was inspired out of one of their core areas: the cutting and handling of flowers.

It injected a mature feel into the brand to showcase the business’s progression. Introducing soft touches of gold and grey into the palette and select floral accents that still express their underlying femininity and poise.

Envision Interior was responsible for the new spatial planning, interior design and its implementation in the new space.

The Interior echoes the simplicity and strength of the logo with skilfully executed symmetry between the use of steel, wood, glass and other raw materials including plants the client works with every day or sells in their front-of-house floral shop.

These elements rich tones and textures are cleverly applied to produce a visually striking floor space to delight the customer that walks through the door.

With the full evolution of the  identity, the client wished to “refresh” and align their website with their new branding elements.

With subtle photography, typography and colour palette changes – the website appears fresh, clean and elegant.

“From uniquely created wallpaper prints to key furniture highlights such as the hanging shelves – each element contributes to the rich depth of the overall designed space.”